11804 – Low Pressure Lift Pump, Nas240 , c/w fitting kit

Product Code: 11804




Name Value
Flow 45 US gal or 185 ltr/hr @ 0.5 bar (10 psi)/hr @ 10psi
Weight 210 grams
External Materials Black Steel
Inlet Fitting 11mm OD
Outlet Fitting Male AN6 (JIC)
Impeller Design Composite
Terminal Post 2 Pin Supplied
Min Voltage Input 6 vdc
Max Voltage Input 18 vdc
Current Draw 3.6 amps (13.8vdc)


NASCAR Approved lift pump capable of transferring 45 US gal/hr @ 10psi and can be used in pulse modulated applications.

It is also compatible with carburetor applications as long as a by-pass regulator is used.

Ethanol fuel can also be used with this pump but will have a reduced run-time on the pump.

Application Hints

Ensure fuel is always clean and filtered.

Check filter and replace as required.

Compatible with all regular fuels.

‘Efficiency is Power, Power is Everything’