15836 – Bayonet Type Dry Break Coupling, Viton Seals, AN-6 ORB/AN-6 Male Pair

Product Code: 15836




Name Value
Length 77.19mm
Width 27.5mm
Fittings AN-6 Male, AN-6 ORB
Max operating pressure 1160 psi


Bayonet type dry break coupling all with Viton seals, OAN-6 ORB/AN-6 Male Pair. Dry Break Couplings are specially designed with an interlock feature in each coupler, this feature ensures prevents the fitting from being opened until securely attached to the adaptor. Once the dry break coupling has opened the coupler cannot be removed until the valve is completely closed. This design means you can eliminate the risk of nasty spills and prevents endangerment to personnel and the environment.

Application Hints

Insure fitting is kept clean and free of debris.

Ensure all fittings are fully tightened before use.

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