E22-041-087Z – Porsche VDO Fuel System

Product Code: E22-041-087Z




Name Value
Current Draw
Pressure 4.0 Bar
Inlet Fitting SAE J2044 7.89 Female (5/16)
Outlet Fitting SAE J2044 7.89 Female (5/16)
Impeller Design


Protec OEM Porsche VDO fuel pump with swirl pot.

VDO is one of the leading automotive suppliers in the world, offering products in the area of fuel management, electronics, and Fan systems to both vehicle manufacturers and the automotive aftermarket. The fuel pump ensures a constant flow of fuel to the engine, it can be damaged by particles in the fuel especially if the fuel filter is failing. If changing the pump the filter should also be checked.

OEM reference number(s) comparable with the original spare part number

  • OEM 996 620 102 00 — PORSCHE

Compatible with:

  • PORSCHE 911 Coupe (996) (Year of Construction 09.1997 – 08.2005, 301 – 420 PS, Petrol)
  • PORSCHE 911 Convertible (996) (Year of Construction 02.1998 – 08.2005, 301 – 320 PS, Petrol)
  • PORSCHE Boxster (986) (Year of Construction 09.1996 – 07.2002, 204 – 252 PS, Petrol)

Application Hints

Ensure fuel is always clean and filtered.

Check filter replace as required.

Compatible with all regular fuels.

‘Efficiency is Power, Power is Everything’