18022 – BMW E46 M3 Stage two kit HIGH FLOW

Product Code: 18022




Name Value
Flow 550 ltr/hr @ 3 bar
Current Draw
Pressure 8 Bar Max Pressure
Inlet Fitting
Outlet Fitting Standard OEM BMW fitting
Impeller Design


Protec has developed a stage two anti surge kit for the E46 BMW M3. This simple kit allows you to cover the standard cradle inside the tank to stop the fuel escaping into the main tank thus leaving you with a full cradle and no fuel surge. Also it then allows you to upgrade the standard fuel pump to a brushless fuel pump giving you more flow for a lot less amps. This extra fuel flow means you can up the BHP of your car and feel safe in the knowledge you will not run out of fuel.

It is easy to install and doesn’t require any modification to the standard system and is a simple plug and play kit to replace your old system.

The kit comes with a cover plate (with the reservoir attached), Extra Siphon with hoses powered from the second pump outlet and a fully assembled drop in fuel pump module with pump (compact cobra high flow 11908) and brushless fuel pump controller (16440).

Application Hints

Ensure fuel is always clean and filtered.

Check filter replace as required.

Compatible with all regular fuels.

‘Efficiency is Power, Power is Everything’