19002 Golf MK7 Fuel Tank Brushed Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit (FWD)

Product Code: 19002




Name Value
Flow 340 ltr/hr @ 3 Bar
Current Draw 12.8 Amps
Pressure 6.8 bar Filter/Regulator Fitted
Inlet Fitting
Outlet Fitting
Impeller Design Turbine Pump Mechanism


Fuel system upgrade kit for Golf MK7 FWD car. This is the perfect solution for when your running low on fuel flow when producing more horse power and need the performance on track without having to add an external swirl pot. This kit fits directly into the standard fuel tank and the brushed fuel pump is powered by the standard VW/Audi connector already built into the car so there is No need for any wire cutting or splicing, fully plug and play. This kit has been proven to support cars running 500+ BHP even with low fuel levels. The modular design of the basket also allows you to upgrade the kit if more horsepower is added.

Application Hints

Ensure fuel is always clean and filtered.

Ensure all fittings are tight before use.

Check filter and replace if required.

‘Efficiency is Power, Power is Everything’