Brushless 044 Fuel Pump, 11044-X-X

Product Code: 11044-X-X





Name Value
Flow 350/415 @ 5Bar
Current Draw 10.5/13 Amps @ 13.8 VDC
Pressure 10 Bar Max Pressure
Inlet Fitting M18 x 1.5 Female
Outlet Fitting M12 x 1.5 Female/ AN8 (JIC) Female
Impeller Design In-line Roller Cell Pump Mechanism
Weight 680g


The Brushless 044 brings the reliability of the original Bosch 044 into the 21st century. Through our knowledge of brushless DC technology, we have managed to create a pump that flows more than the original 044 with less amps and a lighter overall weight. All of our brushless 044 pumps are hand-built in the UK utilising the OEM technology that made the Bosch 044 so popular. Each pump comes with their own specific flow graph. We offer two different flow rates and outlet fitting sizes in the brushless 044 range.

The brushless 044 comes with a lightweight aluminium body anodised in a black satin finish. The brushless 044 is compatible with all regular pump fuels, race fuel, diesel and ethanol (please enquire for methanol or other fluids).

Please refer to the data sheet for information on the part numbering system used for this pump.

*This product requires a brushless controller to operate the pump.



Application Hints

Ensure fuel is always clean and filtered.

Ensure all fittings are tight before use.

Check filter and replace if required.

‘Efficiency is Power, Power is Everything’