Fuel Surge Tank With Brushed Fuel Pumps

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Name Value
Flow 254 Ltr/Hr @5 Bar (per pump)
Current Draw 13.2 Amps (per pump)
Pressure 2-10 psi Internal Pot Pressure
Inlet Fitting 3/4 - 16 UNF (AN8)
Outlet Fitting 3/4 - 16 UNF (AN8)
Impeller Design Regenerative Turbine
Weight 1.5-2 Kg


This Fuel Surge Tank has been designed to be light weight but also perform in some of the most demanding applications to prevent fuel starvation due to fuel surge or limited tank baffling. Partnering with Fuelab on the design every aspect of the pot has been made to be easy to use and practical. 3/4 – 16 UNF (AN8) outlet port has been used to make sure flow is not restricted going up to the engine. Then three 3/4 – 16 UNF (AN8) Ports can be used for return ports and feed ports to the Fuel Surge Tank. This Setup is particularly suitable for vehicle racing such as circuit, drift and off road use where fast changes in G-forces can allow air to be picked up by the main fuel pump. It maintains a small amount of fuel to operate its own internal fuel pump(s) that can supply high fuel flow rates, while only needing low fuel pressure from the main fuel tank pump. We also offer an upgrade accessory kit for both pots containing: Floor mount bracket, Hardware, XRP Pro Plus hose assembly and 90 degree high flow fitting.

Application Hints

Ensure fuel is always clean and filtered.

Ensure all fittings are tight before use.

Check filter and replace if required.

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