Low Pressure Lift Pump, Nas240 , c/w fitting kit – 11804

Product Code: 11804



Name Value
Flow 45 US gal or 185 ltr/hr @ 0.5 bar (10 psi)/hr @ 10psi
Weight 210 grams
External Materials Black Steel
Inlet Fitting 11mm OD
Outlet Fitting Male AN6 (JIC)
Impeller Design Composite
Terminal Post 2 Pin Supplied
Min Voltage Input 6 vdc
Max Voltage Input 18 vdc
Current Draw 3.6 amps (13.8vdc)


NASCAR Approved lift pump capable of transferring 45 US gal/hr @ 10psi and can be used in pulse modulated applications.

It is also compatible with carburetor applications as long as a by-pass regulator is used.

Ethanol fuel can also be used with this pump but will have a reduced run-time on the pump.

Application Hints

Ensure fuel is always clean and filtered.

Check filter and replace as required. (12802)

Compatible with all regular fuels.

‘Efficiency is Power, Power is Everything’