Waterman NAS340 Kit – 11832

Product Code: 11832



Flow90GPH @ 0.5 bar (10 psi)
Weight355 grams
External Materials
Inlet Fitting22mm OD
Outlet Fitting9mm OD
Impeller DesignRegenerative Turbine
Terminal PostSpade Terminal OE Fitment
Min Voltage Input6 vdc
Max Voltage Input18 vdc
Current Draw12 amps (13.8vdc)


NASCAR Approved lift pump, 90 US gal/hr @10psi

Internal Check Valve
Designed for in-tank use only
Ethanol Comparability*
Can be used in Carbureted or EFI applications
Turbine pump mechanism increases durability and can be used in pulse modulated applications.

* Reduced Run-Time

Application Hints

Ensure fuel is always clean and filtered.

Check filter replace as required.

Compatible with all regular fuels.

‘Efficiency is Power, Power is Everything’